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When do tickets go on sale? When can I buy tickets?

Peak Season Ticket Sales

This winter we’re opening up Ice Castles tickets earlier than ever! Tickets for our peak season will go on sale on November 28. That means time slots will be made available for a span of 3-4 weeks at the heart of winter when the cold weather is most reliable so you can make your travel plans in advance!

The magic of winter doesn’t last long and neither do Ice Castles tickets! So be sure to secure your preferred date and time before we sell out. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage to be notified via email when sales begin. For the most current information regarding ticket availability and more, select your preferred location at the top of the page.

Additional Ticket Sales

After the initial launch of ticket sales, additional tickets for dates before and after our peak season may be added on a week-by-week basis as the weather permits. Typically, we open in early January and remain open through late February or early March. 

There will not be a difference between peak season and non-peak season pricing. Prices for General Admission and Child Admission will remain the same, and holiday/weekend pricing will apply. Sleigh ride tickets and Arctic Alcove packages will also be available for the same price at participating locations. 

Ticket Conditions

Ice Castles is a weather dependent attraction. Peak season tickets are for dates we anticipate being open based on historical data, and non-peak season tickets are for dates we anticipate being open based on current forecasts. In the rare event that Ice Castles is unable to open on the date and time of your scheduled visit, you will be notified by text and email and your tickets will be automatically refunded. More information on delays and closures can be found here.

Tickets may be exchanged for any available date or time for a $15 per order fee, but are non-transferable and non-refundable. They are only valid for the season they are purchased and cannot be refunded or credited to future seasons if unused. More information on our ticketing policies can be found here.

Presale and Priority Booking Offers

Our annual presale and priority booking offers have been replaced with our peak season ticket sales. That means no more complicated vouchers. No more confusing pre-sale process. No more waiting to pick your date and time. With our peak season ticket sale, you’ll have the chance to reserve the preferred day and time of your visit from the start to make experiencing the magic of winter pure and simple.