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Can I change the date or time of my tickets?

Can I switch my reservation to a different date or time? Is there a fee to exchange my tickets?

Yes! Please note, all exchanges are subject to ticket availability and an exchange fee. Before attempting to process an exchange, please read the exchange terms & conditions below. 

Ticket Transfer Terms & Conditions:

All Exchanges

  • As per our Terms of Service, all ticket sales are non-refundable, and your ticket is only good for the date/time indicated on your purchase.
  • Tickets are only valid for the person whose name is on the original ticket order. Tickets cannot be transferred to another person.
  • All exchange requests are not guaranteed, and are subject to ticket availability as well as a fee of $15 per order. 
  • All exchange requests for orders that include sleigh ride tickets or photos are subject to an additional fee of $15 per order. 

Self-Service Exchanges

  • Tickets purchased can be exchanged through the Self-Service Exchange by clicking the Exchange Tickets button at the bottom of your receipt OR by logging into your MyTickets account.
  • When using the Self-Service Exchange, tickets can only be transferred to a day & time equaling the same or lesser value as your original purchase.
  • If you transfer your tickets to a day & time of lesser value than your original purchase, the price difference will not be refunded.
  • Some days and time slots sell quicker than others. If a time slot is sold out it will not appear as available on the events calendar when you are attempting Self-Service Exchange.
  • If you don’t receive confirmation that your request was approved, please show up on the date and time as shown on your original ticket.
  • For additional help, a step-by-step guide on how to process a Self-Service Exchange via MyTickets can be found here.
  • Tickets can be exchanged through the Self-Service Exchange up to 24 hours before your scheduled reservation for any reason.
  • Any exchange requests made within 24 hours of a reservation or after the reservation has passed cannot be processed via Self-Service Exchange. 

Customer Support Upgrades

  • If you would like to move your tickets to a more expensive day, you will need to contact our support team here to complete an exchange. 

Arctic Alcove Exchanges

  • Due to the limited availability of the Arctic Alcove, reservations cannot be exchanged for a different date or time. 
  • By reserving the Arctic Alcove, guests understand and acknowledge that their booking is non-refundable and only valid for the date and time originally reserved.