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How do I book a private party in the Arctic Alcove?

Is there a private space to celebrate special occasions? What is the Arctic Alcove?

Freeze your special moment in time with a private, secluded experience inside our Arctic Alcove. Whether you are proposing, celebrating a special occasion with a small group of family or friends, or just wanting a quiet area for a more intimate experience, our Arctic Alcove package gives you an exclusive area of Ice Castles away from the crowds for a moment of magic and memories.

When you reserve the Arctic Alcove, you are booking:

  • 6 tickets to explore Ice Castles as long as you and your party would like
  • A private 1-hour experience inside a small, intimate space made of ice that is roped off for exclusivity and furnished with lounge chairs and a fire pit so you can stay cozy.
  • Our on-site Host who will be available via email to answer your questions prior to visiting, so you can make your moment magical
  • 20% discount on Ice Castles merchandise available in our gift shop
  • And more!

Reservations for the Arctic Alcove

The duration of one Arctic Alcove reservation is 1 hour at the price of $450. Reservations can be purchased on our website where regular tickets are sold. Reservations cannot be purchased on-site, nor can discount codes be applied to them. 

One Arctic Alcove reservation includes 6 tickets to Ice Castles. Tickets are valid only for the date and time the Arctic Alcove is reserved. While the Arctic Alcove is a private area, the rest of your Ice Castles experience takes place during operating hours where other guests will be present.

Once your reservation is confirmed, you will automatically receive an email that contains a link to a form. If you have questions or need to notify us that your reservation is for a special surprise occasion, you may submit a response in the form. The response will be sent directly to your onsite Host who will follow up via email. 

Number of guests in the Arctic Alcove

Your Arctic Alcove comes with tickets for 6 guests. While the price will not change, you are welcome to include fewer than 6 people in your reservation. The time you reserve is yours alone, so if fewer than 6 people are booked in your Alcove reservation, Ice Castles will not fill the remaining spaces. 

Up to 2 additional guests may be included in an Arctic Alcove reservation, as long as each additional guest purchases a ticket for admission to Ice Castles for the same date and time as the reservation. The total number of guests in the Arctic Alcove at one time must equal or stay below the Alcove’s maximum capacity of 8. Due to the structure of our ticketing system, additional tickets must be purchased in a separate order from your Arctic Alcove reservation. Additional tickets are subject to availability.

Special occasions in the Arctic Alcove

If you reserve the Arctic Alcove for a special surprise occasion, like a proposal or a surprise party, please let your Host know ahead of time by filling in the form linked in the confirmation email. For these occasions, we can allow up to 20 minutes early access to the Alcove to accommodate an early arrival for your guests, the placement of flowers or the arrangement of any other display that you would like to bring into the private space. 

Due to operational challenges, our Hosts cannot assist with the setup and break down of any special arrangements. Any party that wishes to set up a display for a special occasion will be responsible for setting up and breaking down the display within the booked time slot. 

Please review the clothing FAQ before your visit as Ice Castles is best enjoyed when appropriately dressed for the winter cold.

Photography in the Arctic Alcove

Photoshoots in the Arctic Alcove are for personal use only. Guests wishing to explore opportunities to utilize Ice Castles for commercial purposes/photoshoots must contact us here

Basic photography equipment is permitted provided that the equipment can be set up and broken down within the booked time slot and is self-powered (there is no access to power on site).

In the Castle proper, photographers must adhere to the rules listed here. Outside of the Arctic Alcove, we do not allow photography equipment besides a camera. Items such as tripods, lighting, etc. are prohibited and can be stored with the Host while your party explores the Castle.

Food And Beverage in the Arctic Alcove

We do not permit any outside food/drinks inside Ice Castles or in the Arctic Alcove. Warm drinks and sweet treats are available at concessions. More information regarding our food offerings at each location can be found here.

Reservation Exchanges for the Arctic Alcove

Due to the limited availability of the Arctic Alcove, reservations cannot be exchanged for a different date or time. By reserving the Arctic Alcove, guests understand and acknowledge that their booking is non-refundable and only valid for the date and time originally reserved.

If you have purchased General Admission tickets and are interested in upgrading to an Arctic Alcove package, contact our team here. Please note that upgrades are subject to availability and additional costs.