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Do the lights flicker or flash? When do the lights come on? Is there music?


Once the sun sets, the lights placed in the walls at Ice Castles appear in various colors at various levels of brightness and intensity. They also change colors at various speeds with most of them changing at a slow, gradual pace to create a magical ambiance throughout the experience. In some areas the lights create visual patterns that move. They generally do not flicker or flash, but this is not guaranteed. If someone in your party is sensitive to lighting effects in any way, we suggest visiting Ice Castles during the daytime before the lights become visible at sunset.

Minnesota, New Hampshire: The light walk outside of the Castle does contain lasers and strobe lights. Guests must pass through the light walk in Minnesota to exit Ice Castles. There is the option to bypass the light walk in New Hampshire. Learn more about our light walks here.


Instrumental music, similar to a movie soundtrack, is played on speakers throughout the experience. The music is loud enough to be heard in various parts of Ice Castles, but low enough that guests can talk to each other at an average speaking volume throughout their visit.