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Will There Be a Light Walk?

Where are the light walks available? Are tickets needed for the light walk?

Forest Walks will be featured exclusively at our New York, New Hampshire and Minnesota locations this season!

Light Walk Trails

New York’s Mystic Light Walk: Enjoy a beautiful 5-10 minute walk along a path illuminated by colorful lights and magical surprises. 

New Hampshire’s Mystic Forest Light Walk: Take a leisurely stroll through the trees along a quarter-mile walking path completely illuminated in the magical glow of winter.

Minnesota’s Lantern Passage: Surrounded by thousands of lights, your magical journey continues along our Lantern Passage after you exit the frozen wonderland.

Light Walk Admission

The forest walk is included in the price of admission at the participating locations, so additional tickets do not need to be purchased. Guests can enjoy the forest walk at any point during their visit, as there are no time slots associated with the walk.

Light Walk Lighting

Please note that our light walks do contain lasers and strobe lights. Guests must pass through the light walk in Minnesota to exit Ice Castles. There is the option to bypass the light walks in New Hampshire and New York. If someone in your party is sensitive to lighting effects in any way, we suggest visiting Ice Castles during the daytime before the lights become visible at sunset.