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Will There Be A Snow Tubing Hill or Sledding Hill?

Is there a tubing hill? Is the snow tubing or sledding included in the price? How tall do you have to be to go tubing or sledding?

Enjoy the classic thrill of cruising down a hill on a path groomed for safety, speed, and fun! Our tubing hill is back at our New Hampshire location this season, and a sledding hill will be introduced at our Minnesota location

Tubing & Sledding Admission

Snow tubing and sledding are included in the price of admission to Ice Castles at the participating locations, so additional tickets do not need to be purchased. Guests can enjoy tubing or sledding at any point during their visit after they have been admitted to Ice Castles, as there are no time slots associated with the hill. 

Tubing & Sledding Restrictions

Guests must be at least 36” tall to participate in tubing and sledding. Only tubes and sleds provided by Ice Castles are permitted to be taken down the hill. For the safety of our guests, we do not allow more than one rider per tube or sled. 

Tubing & Sledding  Access

Ice Castles does not provide a lift or conveyor belt to transport riders to the top of the tubing or sledding hill. Riders must walk uphill with their tube or sled in hand. Children are permitted to tube or sled by themselves so long as they meet the height requirement and are supervised by a parent or guardian from the designated waiting area.

Wisconsin Sledding Hill

A sledding hill is also available at our Wisconsin location, but is not included in the Ice Castles experience as it is run separately by Geneva National Resort. More information on the Resort’s sled rental availability and pricing can be found here.