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Opening & Closing Information

When does Ice Castles open and close for the season?

What day will Ice Castles open? What is the opening date? What day will Ice Castles close? What is the closing date?

All of our Castles locations typically open in January, but our opening dates vary by location and differ year-to-year as Ice Castles operations are completely dependent on weather. Our crews at Ice Castles can only create winter magic when precipitation is not in the forecast and temperatures are consistently cold enough to grow icicles. Once the Castle is nearing completion, we will announce our opening date.

Most locations remain open through late February or early March, depending on the weather. Available dates will vary by location, so we recommend reserving your tickets in advance for the location you wish to visit. Advanced tickets go on sale on our website in late November. Learn more about when you can buy tickets here.

For the most current information regarding opening dates and more, you can select your preferred location at the top of our website. To be the first to know when opening dates and ticket sales are announced, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage!