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What if one or all time slots are sold out?

What if I need an extra ticket? Can I join a waitlist or buy standby tickets for sold out time slots? Will more tickets become available?

If a time slot you would like to purchase tickets for says “Sold Out”, it really does mean we’re sold out for that time slot. Below are your options for possibly purchasing tickets in the case that one or all time slots are sold out at your preferred location.

Options When One Time Slot is Sold Out

If your party purchased tickets for a time slot that is now sold out, and you’d like to add one person or more to your visit, here is what you can do:

Purchase Tickets for an Adjacent Time Slot: Because there is a 30-minute time window of when you are able to arrive, if your entire group arrives at the time where the time slots meet you can purchase the tickets for two different time slots and arrive at the same time. For example, guests with tickets for the 4:00-4:30 and 4:30-5:00 time slots could all have an arrival time of 4:30 with no problems.

Wait for Standby Tickets: If the time slots adjacent to your party’s original time slot are also sold out, standby tickets will likely not be available. However, in the very rare case a guest with a ticket for one of those time slots does not show up, there is a chance a standby ticket could become available for purchase for your extra guest. Learn more about how our standby tickets work here.

Options When All Time Slots are Sold Out

If your party was unable to purchase tickets before all available time slots sold out at your preferred location, here is what you can do:

Visit Another Location: Ice Castles has multiple locations. Learn more about each of them, including their current ticket availability, on their individual pages here

Check Our Website Regularly: If a visitor reschedules or cancels, tickets would automatically become available for purchase again on our website on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, we reassess Castle capacities weekly, and may release additional tickets on Monday afternoons throughout the season, if capacity allows. Unfortunately, due to operational challenges, we do not have a waitlist for these tickets.

Wait for Standby Tickets: In order to maintain our capacity, standby tickets will likely not be available during sold out time slots. However, in the very rare case a party with tickets does not show up, there is a chance standby tickets could become available for purchase. Find more information on how standby tickets work here.

Wait for Additional Dates: Depending on what point we are at in our season and the projected weather conditions, tickets may become available for additional dates. Learn more here.