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Opening & Closing Information

What happens in the event of a delay or closure?

How do weather conditions impact Ice Castles? Would Ice Castles close due to poor weather conditions? Would Ice Castles close or cancel in warm or cold weather? 

Weather Conditions

Being a weather-dependent event, our team constantly monitors the forecast. Our operations are rarely, if ever, impacted by extreme cold or snowy weather conditions, as Ice Castles is a winter attraction. Occasionally, we have to delay our opening time or close due to warm temperatures, sun, or rain, which can sometimes result in slick conditions.

Guest Experience

We understand these rare yet unexpected delays or temporary closures come as an inconvenience to those who purchase tickets to visit Ice Castles, and we apologize for the disappointment it may cause. Please know, we would not make these difficult decisions if it was not in the best interest for our guests. Visitors to Ice Castles deserve to have the highest level of guest experience, and when we have weather-related challenges that result in such issues as reduced traction of the inner walking surface, it has a negative impact on that experience.

Email & Text Notifications

When reserving your tickets in advance, be sure to include your email and phone number as we will notify you via email and text if there are changes to the schedule. With over a decade of experience in Ice Castles construction, we know which unfavorable weather conditions to look out for. We also know that we typically can’t anticipate the exact impact weather conditions will have in a specific location on a given day until we are within 48 hours of that date. That is why email and text notifications regarding a weather-related delay or closure will generally be sent out no sooner than 48 hours prior to the impacted time slots. 

Ticket Refunds

While tickets are non-refundable, if Ice Castles cancels tickets in a delay or closure for any reason, including weather-related issues, we will automatically process a refund for the price of the ticket and the applicable sales tax. Service fees and exchange fees that cover ticket processing costs will not be refunded for weather related closures. These refunds can take up to 7-10 business days after they have been processed to reflect with your credit card processor or bank. If you are interested in repurchasing tickets but none are currently available, check out our articles on how additional dates are added throughout the season and how to stay updated on next season’s opening dates

Ticket Exchanges

If Ice Castles cancels tickets because of a weather delay or a closure for any reason, and a sufficient amount of tickets are available for purchase on future dates, we will waive the per order exchange fee for 24 hours. So for that set period of time, guests can change their tickets to a new date and time through the Self-Service Exchange without incurring the fee. Once that period has ended, we will begin processing refunds for all tickets that were affected by the delay or closure but not exchanged. Information on how to complete an exchange can be found here. Please note that tickets cannot be exchanged for a future season. 

Sleigh Rides

If Ice Castles cancels tickets due to a closure or delay, all affected sleigh ride tickets will also automatically be refunded, excluding service and exchange fees. Occasionally sleigh rides may be delayed or canceled due to weather conditions affecting our sleigh ride trails, while the Ice Castles themselves are still in great condition. In those instances, guests may choose to exchange their tickets to visit another time when sleigh rides are running. Those who do not exchange will automatically receive a refund for the sleigh ride tickets while their tickets for admission will remain valid.

Lodging Costs

With or without tickets secured, we suggest booking your stay at a place with a flexible cancellation policy as ticket-holders will be solely responsible for all lodging costs, including in the event of a delay or closure. More recommendations regarding lodging can be found here.