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How tall do you have to be to ride the slides? Does Ice Castles provide sliding mats? Is lap riding permitted?

Ice slides of various sizes/lengths are created at each of our Ice Castles locations every year!

The Ice Chutes

The Ice Chute is our larger dual ice slide, which requires riders to be at least 36” tall to ride. Ice Castles does provide authorized sliding mats for these features. Sleds and tubes are not permitted on the Ice Chute. Guests must be able to sit on the sliding mat in an upright position with their hands tucked in and their legs straight out in front of them for the duration of the ride. For the safety of our guests, we do not allow lap riders on the Ice Chute. 

Little Chutes

Our Little Chutes, are our small slides designed mainly for our youngest guests. But they can be enjoyed by guests of all ages and heights. Ice Castles does not provide sliding mats for our Little Chutes, so we suggest that guests who plan on riding the small slides wear snow pants. Sleds and tubes are not permitted on the Little Chutes.