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The date that each Ice Castles location will open is dependent on the weather. Colder locations will open before warmer locations.

Please understand that we are not any better at predicting the weather than the weatherman is! We will do the best we can to open each location as soon as they are fully built and ready for guests. As we draw closer to our opening dates we will update each location page. You can link to those pages from our main page or follow the links below.

The Ice Castles will remain open as long as the weather is cold enough, which will vary by location.

Yes, we are open on holidays, unless specifically posted otherwise. See our full schedule (weather permitting) for details.

Go to our website

  • From our Home Page select which location of the deal you purchased.
  • On the Location Page, you will find a section entitled “Buy Tickets”.
  • Click on the date you want to visit (only dates highlighted in blue are available) then a drop down menu will appear below the calendar showing available time slots. (The time slots are organized as arrival times. If you select a 4pm – 4:30pm time slot, you need to arrive between 4pm and 4:30 or your could forfeit your ticket. You may stay in the Ice Castles as long as you’d like.)
  • Select the arrival time from this dropdown menu.
  • Click the “Get Tickets” button.
  • Select the number of tickets you want.
  • Click “Get Tickets” again.
  • This will bring you to a new page. Select the delivery option. “Print at Home” will email a PDF to your email and “Mobile” will send the tickets as a text message. The fastest way for us to scan your ticket upon your arrival is to have the PDF or text showing on your phone.
  • In the “Have a Coupon” section, enter the code that you received from Groupon or KSL. Click “Apply Coupon.” As long as you entered the code correctly, the code will be applied to 1, 2, or 4 tickets taking the price of those tickets to $0. If you are having trouble with this step, please check the code. Nine out of ten messages we receive about Groupon codes are because the code was simply entered incorrectly. It is common to confuse the letter O with the number 0.
  • Click “Checkout”.
  • If your Groupon was for 2 tickets and you are buying 3, you’ll need to pay for the 1 additional ticket in this step to complete the process.
  • When you arrive, just have the bar code or the QR code that is on the tickets showing on your phone or printed on paper and you’ll be good to go!

By purchasing a ticket and entering the Ice Castles every visitor agrees to observe the following rules and accepts the following risks and waiver of liability. Further, visitors consent that a photograph or video of them may be taken and used by the Ice Castles.


      • All visitors must stay on the groomed walking pathways.
      • No running or climbing the ice.
      • Do not touch hanging icicles in any manner.
      • Children and minors MUST be accompanied by an adult who accepts responsibility to ensure that they comply with these rules.
      • Pets are not allowed inside the Ice Castles, nor is food or drink.

ICE CASTLE RISKS: Upon entering the Ice Castles you will be walking upon snow and ice. Although we groom the walking paths daily, some areas will be slippery and therefore dangerous. You could slip and fall causing injury. You must be careful and watch your step. We simply cannot eliminate these risks without jeopardizing the quality of the experience. Your entrance into the Ice Castles means you accept these risks are covered by your own insurance and hereby release Ice Castles, LLC and all its affiliates from any liability that may arise from an injury to you.

  • Dress for winter! Warm clothes and winter boots are best. Shoes and boots with flat soles (like dress shoes or cowboy boots) are slippery and not recommended.
  • Everything inside the Ice Castles is made of ice and snow, including the walking paths. On sunny, warm days, the ice and snow will melt and the surface can become slippery.
  • Most people don’t have any difficulty walking through the Ice Castles with or without ski poles. However, if you are concerned about your safety inside the Ice Castles, please make your concern known to one of our staff before entering the Ice Castle. When you enter the Ice Castles, you agree to obey the Ice Castle rules and you accept our Waiver of Liability.
  • Ice Castles are not created to meet handicap accessibility standards. The material of the walking surface (crushed ice and snow) make it impossible to create normal walking pathways.
  • The grounds are very bumpy and the ground is not firm. Walking through the Ice Castles is similar to walking on a sandy beach–it takes a lot of effort. Strollers and wheelchairs are very difficult to push through the crushed ice.
  • The walking surface changes daily depending on recent weather conditions, recent snowfall, current and recent temperatures, etc. The surface is usually not slick, but there are some places that will be slippery.
  • If the person in the wheelchair is sensitive to bumps, or if a bumpy ride would be painful in any way for the person in the wheelchair, then we do not recommend a visit to the Ice Castles. If uneven terrain and bumps do not bother the person in the wheelchair, then you may bring a wheelchair into the Ice Castles.
  • We have seen parents bring a sled and pull children with disabilities or young children through the Ice Castles. We allow this as long as the parents don’t run with the sled. Although not fully accessible (due to the material of the structure), we have had groups such as the Australian paralympic team successfully navigate the Ice Castles.

Contact our media department for all media inquiries at

We wish we could accommodate everyone that wants to do a photoshoot at the Ice Castles, but unfortunately due to the extensive daily maintenance and prep work, we are unable to host all of the shoots that are requested. 

You are welcome to take as many photos as you’d like during operating hours (and we love to see them! #icecastles), however we do not allow photography equipment besides a camera (tripods, lighting, etc.) while we are open to the public and no areas can be blocked off for photography purposes. We cannot guarantee you will be able to get an image without other guests in the background, however if you prefer to come during operating hours we recommend visiting on weekdays to try and avoid crowds.

We have extremely limited availability for private photography sessions outside of operating hours, and the availability is weather dependent and will vary by location. If you are interested in a private photography session please fill out the application at the link below, and be sure to include links to your portfolio, website and/or any social media pages that display your work.

Private Photography Application

Each of the Ice Castles weighs about 25,000,000 pounds! (The walls are about 10′ thick, so its pretty heavy and strong!)

The very first Ice Castle was built in Alpine, Utah, in the front yard of Brent Christensen. He was building an ice cave for his daughter and that is how the Ice Castles concept got started.

Our crews grow roughly 10,000 icicles every day and place them throughout the Ice Castle to provide something for the water to freeze to. Over time the icicles just get absorbed into the ice structure.

Icicles attached to roofs almost always will fall. There are several reasons that Icicles attached to man made structures will fall. Here are some of them:

  • The connection point of the icicles to the roof is inherently weak and it is usually not proportional to the icicle.
  • The connection point of the icicle (dark shingles) absorbs heat from the sun and causes that point to melt first.
  • The icicles usually fall when the weather warms up. The way it happens is that snow on the roof melts causing water to run past the small connection points of icicles causing melting at the base of icicles attached to roofs. The base of the icicle (which is usually smaller in mass, diameter, and width) melts faster than the large hanging portions of the icicles and the icicles fall.

There are several reasons why Icicles at the Ice Castle do not have these problems, and do not fall like icicles attached to a roof:

  • Icicles at the Ice Castle are attached to ice. This means there is no weak point (i.e. a roof) limiting the strength of the structure.
  • Connection points of icicles at the Ice Castle are proportional to the icicle. This means that the base of the icicle at the Ice Castle is the strongest, because it is the largest in mass and diameter.
  • There is no dark material at the base of all the icicles at the Ice Castle that will heat up and cause melting.

When Icicles at the Ice Castle melt, they melt according to the laws of nature. This means that the smallest parts of the icicle melt first and it will take more time for the ice in the center of the icicle to melt. On a warm day, the icicles will melt from the bottom up. The smallest parts of the icicles will drip and turn to slush. The slush at the end may fall in small pieces. Guests visiting on days where the temperature is sunny and above freezing will get dripped on, and occasionally small masses of slush will fall.

Ice has the same color properties of water. Ice is blue for the same reason that the ocean is blue — because water will absorb every other color of the spectrum except blue.  A general rule is the thicker the ice, the deeper the shade of blue.

There are no pets allowed in the Ice Castles. Service animals are the only exception. (Please understand that we are not animal whisperer’s and after experience in the past, we’ve learned that we need to prevent as much yellow snow as possible!)