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What are this year's locations?

This year there are three locations for Ice Castles. Here they are. Plus a link to the page that speaks more about this.

When do Ice Castles open?

We expect that all locations of Ice Castles to be open through February 20, 2013.

Is there an Ice Castle in Colorado this year?

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a location in Colorado for this winter.  We are working on a couple sites for next winter, and we expect to build an Ice Castle in Colorado next winter.

Are you open on holidays?
    Yes, unless specifically posted otherwise. See our full schedule (weather permitting)
Is the Ice Castle handicap accessible, and do you allow wheelchairs?
    • Ice Castles are not created to meet handicap accessibility standards.  The grounds within the Ice Castle are crushed ice mixed with snow and are very bumpy.   We do allow people in wheelchairs to come through the Ice Castle if they feel that the bumpy, uneven terrain will be acceptable to them.
    • Keep in mind is that the entire Ice Castle is made up of ice – from the walking paths to the towers. We run a high speed tiller and hand-pick the walking paths to create walking areas with a walkable surface. The walking surface changes daily depending on recent weather conditions, recent snowfall, current and recent temperatures, etc.
    • The walking path surface generally ranges from something similar to that of packed gravel to a uneven surface composed of chopped up chunks of ice. The surface is generally not slick, but there are some places that can be slippery. It is much more bumpy than a sidewalk or parking lot.  In fact, early in the 2011 season we had the Australian paralympic ski team of 10 athletes come through in wheelchairs. Each athlete balanced on two wheels and pushed themselves through the ice castle.
    • If the person in the wheelchair is sensitive to bumps, or if a bumpy ride would be painful for the person in the wheelchair, then we would not recommend a visit to the Ice Castle. If uneven terrain and bumps would not be a problem, then you may bring a wheelchair into the Ice Castle.
    • We have seen parents bring a sled and pull their children with disabilities or young children through the Ice Castle. We allow this as long as the parents don’t run with the sled.
What kind of footwear or clothing should I wear to visit the Ice Castles?
    • Dress for winter! Warm clothes and winter boots are best. Shoes and boots with flat soles (like dress shoes or cowboy boots) are slippery and not recommended.
    • Everything inside the Ice Castle is made of ice and snow, including the walking paths. On sunny, warm days, the ice and snow will melt and the surface can become slippery.
    • Most people don’t have any difficulty walking through the Ice Castle with or without ski poles. However, if you are concerned about your safety inside the Ice Castles, please make your concern known to one of our staff before entering the Ice Castle. When you enter the Ice Castle, you agree to obey the Ice Castle rules and you accept our Waiver of Liability.
Do you allow pets at the Ice Castles?

There are no pets allowed in the Ice Castle.  Service animals are the only exception.  (Please understand that we are not animal whisperer’s and after experience in the past, we’ve learned that we need to prevent as much yellow snow as possible!)

Who should I contact with a Media Inquiry?

Ryan is the contact for media requests.  You can email him at ryan at or you can fill out our contact form with your request.

Do you schedule private photography sessions, weddings, and other private events?

We schedule many private photo sessions at the Ice Castle for families and also for bridal photography.  We do not do weddings, and generally do not do private events at the Ice Castle.
For more information or to schedule a photography event, please email photos at or you can fill out the contact form on our website.

What is the Ice Castle Waiver of Liability?

By purchasing a ticket and entering the Ice Castle every visitor agrees to observe the following rules and accepts the following risks and waiver of liability.  Further, visitors consent that a photograph or video of them may be taken and used by the Ice Castle.


      • All visitors must stay on the groomed walking pathways.
      • No running or climbing the ice.
      • Do not touch hanging icicles in any manner.
      • Children and minors MUST be accompanied by an adult who accepts responsibility to ensure that they comply with these rules.
      • Pets are not allowed inside the Ice Castle, nor is food or drink.

ICE CASTLE RISKS: Upon entering the Ice Castle you will be walking upon snow and ice. Although we groom the walking paths daily, some areas will be slippery and therefore dangerous. You could slip and fall causing injury.  You must be careful and watch your step.  We simply cannot eliminate these risks without jeopardizing the quality of the experience.   Your entrance into the Ice Castle means you accept these risks are covered by your own insurance and hereby release Ice Castles, LLC and all its affiliates from any liability that may arise from an injury to you.