Edmonton, Alberta

The Edmonton Ice Castles are now Closed.

See you next Winter!

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This year was a great year. We’re sorry to be closed. Here are some wonderful

photos from winter 2015-16. We hope you enjoy them and hope to see you next



*Children 0-3: Free. Tickets purchased online are cheaper than tickets purchased at the gate. Prices do not include sales tax.
Standby Tickets are sold on a very limited basis.  If we are sold out of online tickets, then Standby tickets are not available.
Standy by tickets are available by cash or credit card, but not Debit cards.
Weekends are considered to be Friday – Sunday.

More information: (888) 407-4054

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Ticket Policies

All ticket sales are final. Ticket dates and times may by changed as long as changes are made 24 hours in advance. Please take this policy into consideration if there is inclement weather imminent or if you have a sudden change of circumstances.

Ticket Arrival Time Changes:  This can only be done by submitting a support ticket with your order confirmation # and the new date and time you would like.  Please consider that dates and times for new ticket times are subject to availability and will processed at our earliest convenience  Exchanges are typically processed within 24 hours of original request.

Once your exchange is processed, you will receive your updated tickets via the delivery method selected at checkout.  For example, if you selected mobile delivery via text message, a new text containing your new tickets will be sent upon confirmation of your exchange.



Planning Your Visit to the Ice Castles


Wear Boots! Every bit of the Ice Castle is made of ice and snow.  The floor is made of crushed ice and snow.  It can be deep and walking through is definitely best in boots.

Dress for the cold!  The Ice Castle is outside. So the temps in the Ice Castle are the same as outside.

Buy Tickets before you arrive.  When you buy your tickets online we’ll send you an email with a unique QR code.  We can scan the code off your phone (best) or printed on paper.

For answers to common questions, our FAQ page has great information.  Some short answers are that we don’t allow strollers (small sleds work better), the Ice Castles are not handicapped accessible, and to make changes to your ticket, click here.

Dress warm and don’t forget your Camera!


The best way to reach out to us is through Ice Castles YEG Facebook page.

Please do not call any other city or company and expect to get accurate information.  We answer questions pretty fast and most are already answered on that page.

Help with Tickets

For any questions about your ticket please submit a support ticket with our ticketing provider, Showclix.

This includes if you entered the wrong number, if you didn’t receive your ticket, if you want to change ticket times, etc.


Hawrelak Park has several parking close by the Ice Castles that are available on a first come first served basis.

The largest parking lot is right next to the Ice Castles and the others are within walking distance.  Parking is also available around the interior loop road within the Park.


How to use your Ice Castles Ticket

When you purchase a ticket, you purchase an arrival time.

Please understand that arriving early does not mean that one will enter early into the Ice Castles.  If a person buys a 7pm time slot and arrives at 6pm, they will wait for at least 1 hour for their “arrival time,” while another person who buys the same 7pm time slot and arrives at 7pm will wait only as long as it takes to scan their ticket.  The 7:00-7:30pm ticket allows for entrance between 7:00pm and 7:30pm.

We have had guests arrive early for their time slot who are concerned that people who arrived later than they did are entering first.  The priority of entrance is based on the time slot purchased.  There is no need to wait if you arrive within the arrival window of time that you purchase.

Once you arrive, we will scan your ticket on your phone or off printed paper, either work great.

After your ticket is scanned, you will need to sign a paper acknowledging the rules inside the Ice Castles and accepting our Waiver of Liability.  This is the same waiver you accepted when you purchased your ticket.

After signing the Rules and Waiver of Liability form you may enter the Ice Castles.


Edmonton, Alberta

As a world-leading winter city, Edmonton offers a variety of winter activities, making it easy and enjoyable to connect with nature in the amazing River Valley.  Within our city you’ll discover a wide range of family facilities you can really warm up to! Whether you’re tobogganing, skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or winter picnicking, you’ll find a pause as welcome as fresh-fallen snow.

Well known for its commitment to nature, the arts, festivals, amazing parks, could there be a better place for Ice Castles than Edmonton?  We invite you to come and see for yourself!

New Location!

Our Local Favorites!

This is the best of Edmonton!