Mid-December Ice Castle Update 2018 Season - Ice Castles

Mid-December Ice Castle Update 2018 Season

The most frequently asked question we get at the beginning of December is: When do you open? The answer is that we are totally dependent on the weather. Consistent freezing temperatures are crucial to building the Ice Castle. With that being said, we’d like to give you an update on how the castles are coming along so far this season!

Edmonton, Alberta

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“Despite having a record breaking heat wave since Dec 4th, we’ve been able to maintain without losing too much ice. Fortunately we have a solid base started, giving off its own refrigeration. One positive is that we’ve been getting very unique freeze-thaw formations adding to the beauty. The weather should cool off by Dec 19th so we’ll take advantage of that and go all out building until we open!” – Christian Denis, Site Manager, Edmonton, AB

Stillwater, Minnesota

the coolest job in the world

“The weather has kept up with the cold, so we’ve kept up with the ice!” – Tim Bauman, Site Manager, Stillwater, MN.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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“ The weather is only getting colder in Winnipeg and we are moving along nicely with the build. Our brand new crew of Winnipeggers have been doing great learning how to build the ice castle.” – Blake Hawbaker, Site Manager, Winnipeg, MB.

Midway, Utah

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“Despite the irregular weather patterns we’ve been experiencing, the Midway Ice Castle has maintained its growth from the periodic cold spells we’ve had. We are still shooting for an open date of late December if the weather stays cold.” – Jesse Stone, Site Manager, Midway, UT.

Dillon, Colorado

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The weather in Colorado this year has been great and the Ice Castle is growing quickly. Our location in Dillon is awesome. There will be a dome room, a 50 foot slide, and lots of areas to explore. We have refined a lot since the last time we were in Colorado and we have put it all into this design. You are going to love it!

Lincoln, New Hampshire

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Our NH crew is busy building through 18 inches of fresh snow! We’ve made great progress, even more than this photo shows from earlier this week.