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How Do I get to Ice Castles in New York?

How do we get there? What directions should we follow? Where can I park my car? Are shuttles provided? Can I take a ride share, like Uber or Lyft? 


Charles R. Wood Park, 19 West Brook Road, Lake George, NY 12845

Please note that the street Charles R. Wood Park is located on has recently changed names. If the above address is not accepted in your GPS, please try: 17 Elizabeth Little Boulevard, Lake George, NY 12845. In the case of difficulties, please refer to the directions below.


From Highway 9, turn onto Elizabeth Little Boulevard (formerly known as West Brook Road). Ice Castles is located at Charles R. Wood Park which runs adjacent to Elizabeth Little Boulevard.


Services like Uber and Lyft are not reliable in Lake George. We recommend driving to the event or coordinating your transport ahead of your visit.


Because of the close proximity of the parking to Ice Castles, shuttles are not provided.


Parking for Ice Castles in Lake George is located on W. Brook Road. There are several parking spots located along the street directly in front of Festival Commons, where Ice Castles is located. Additional parking lots are located to the north of Ice Castles and across Brook Road. 

VIP parking is available in a dedicated parking lot close to Ice Castles. VIP parking costs $10 per vehicle upon entrance, and is valid for 90 minutes. Payment is only accepted via debit or credit card, cash is not accepted. To get there, follow the signs for VIP parking located off Westbrook Drive, immediately after the mini golf course.

ADA Parking

Designated parking spots for guests with an ADA pass are located near the entrance to Ice Castles. Guests who do not have a pass may be dropped off at the entrance and/or picked up at the exit, if they choose.