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The Coolest Job In The World

What is the most interesting job you’ve ever done, and what made it so interesting? The majority of our employees are drawn to the Ice Castles because it is something that is totally unique, that they can not find anywhere else in the world. We spoke with site manager Jesse Stone for an inside look at why he thinks he has the “coolest job in the world!”

the coolest job in the world

How did you get started working with the Ice Castle?-

I saw a guy with an orange helmet walking with crampons on the side of an ice wall. I whistled at him, and asked him if I could talk to him for a second. Turns out it was Brent Christensen (founder of the Ice Castles). I was fascinated by what they were building, and asked if they needed any help. Brent offered me the job right then.

What is it like working in freezing temperatures?-

It’s awesome. Any kid who grew up building snow forts as a kid- this is a dream come true. You don’t even think of the cold when you are building something so awesome.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had working at the Ice Castles? –

My first year working at the Ice Castles, I was asked to work on Christmas Day. We were building the castle through the day and into the night, and I was one of four employees so I pretty much had the entire castle to myself. After the sun had set, the biggest snowstorm of the year started. The light reflecting off the snow flakes was so magical. It was a Christmas I will never forget.

What advice would you give to someone that is just starting at the Ice Castle? –

Take time at the end of the work day to walk through the castle and enjoy the incredible creation that you helped build!

What is your favorite part about working for the Ice Castles?-

Working with the team to build something that is completely unique, and different from anything else in the world.

Do you prefer the castle at night or in the day?

I like them equally. They each provide a unique viewing experience. At night the castle is lit up, during the day you can see the deep glacial blues that only the natural light can bring out.

Are there any experiences with certain guests that stick out to you?

A little girl walked into one of the long entrance ways one time. I was walking behind her and she stops, looks at her mom, and says “Is this real life?”. It was pretty incredible to see how this little girl experienced the Ice Castle.

The Ice Castles are not only magical for children. They are awe-inspiring for all ages. We have associates that travel from all over North America to help us create one of the most interesting and unique experiences on earth. If you are interested in building an Ice Castle, go to and send us your info. We’re always looking for passionate friends who love winter and want to join our team.

Tickets for the finished Castle go on sale early December at

working at ice castles is cool