8 Interesting Facts About Ice Castles

8 Interesting Facts about the Ice Castles

Even though we build the Ice Castles we are continually fascinated with them. Here are 8 facts we think you’ll find interesting:

  • 1. The very first of the Ice Castles was built in Alpine, Utah, in the front yard of our founder, Brent Christensen. He was building an ice cave for his daughter and tried out an idea of spraying a wood frame with water.  His daughter named the structure the “Ice Castles” and the name stuck.
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  • 2. The second Ice Castle didn’t have a frame of wood or anything else inside of it.  It was made entirely with water, and Brent figured out how to build them using  only icicles as the building medium.  We still use the same approach with the ice castles today, only it takes 50 people to do what Brent used to do alone!  (If you want to work with us building Ice Castles, click here).  We now have a patent on the building process.
  • 3. Each of the Ice Castles is a little over an acre, is all one giant piece of interconnected ice, and weighs more than 25,000,000 pounds!  
  • 4.  Our crews grow roughly 10,000 icicles every day and place them throughout the Ice Castles to provide something for the water to freeze to. Over time the icicles just get absorbed into the ice structure.
  • 5. Ice has the same color properties of water. Ice is blue for the same reason that the ocean is blue — because water will absorb every other color of the spectrum except blue.  A general rule is the thicker the ice, the deeper the shade of blue.  (No, we don’t put anything in the water to make it blue!)
  • 7. This summer we built the very first of the Ice Castles in the Southern Hemisphere! You can read more about the Ice Castles in New Zealand here!
  • 8. The wall of the Ice Castles are 10 feet thick and are strong enough to hold tall buildings!
ice castles in new zealand