As we launch into to month #2 at the Ice Castles MOA, there are a few things you should remember before you plan your trip:

*As if we haven’t all figured it out by now, the Ice Castles are very weather dependent.  We have encountered one of the wackiest winters to-date in Minnesota, so we must be prepared for anything.  If we can stay cool (but how ’bout no more -40 please), we will be open through February 20 … if we can sustain longer, we will.  However, if temps tick up too quickly, there is a chance we could close ahead of schedule.  If you can get your visit in the next week or so, please do!
*Weekends are busy and for GOOD reason — concessions are open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and on Friday nights, we have fire dancers to amaze castle goers.  Come check these fire ladies out!
*Spend Valentine’s Day with us — Can you think of anything more romantic?  On this week’s Bachelor, they had a date in an ice castle — it’s even trendy.  On Valentines’ Day, KARE 11 will feature 11 weddings at the Ice Castle at 11:00 a.m. (prior to opening).  Tune in, and then join us that night with your sweetheart!
*We have new tunnels!  Brent has been busy doing all he can to change up the landscape, and keep kids’ curiosity churning.  Kids on Toddler Tuesday had a chance to check them out first, and they are super cool (pun fully intended).
*Ask for a tour!  We have many team members who love to talk about how the Ice Castles came to be.  If you would like us to take you around and show you the “how” and “why”, please ask in the ticket office and we’d be happy be your tour guide.  We are also still encouraging group visits — contact to get discounted tickets and set up a tour time.
*Attention all professional photographers — we’d love to see and share your [watermarked :)] photos!  Please email them to so that we can use them in future promotional materials!