Today is New Hampshire’s Final Day of the Season!

It’s been a great season here in Lincoln, NH! We appreciate the tremendous amount of support we have received from all of our visitors in the New England area. Today is our last day, and we will be open for our regular hours. So we hope to see you all one last time before next year!

Lincoln Ice Castles Are Open Friday-Saturday

We are happy to announce that the weather has cooperated enough to allow us to remain open today (Friday, March 13) and tomorrow (Saturday, March 14)! We will be open for regular business hours.


Photo Credit: Caroline Yang

Lincoln is OPEN Today

Our building crew has inspected the Ice Castles, and has given the green light for New Hampshire to be open today for normal business hours! If any of you have tickets that were unused yesterday from the temporary shut down, you may use them today. Please watch the website and social media for updates, as the weather is fairly unpredictable right now and could alter our anticipated closing date.

Help With Coupon Codes on the New System

When we switched to the new Showclix ticketing system, all of the codes that were entered into our old system needed to be transferred over. We had some trouble at first, but now they should all be good to go. If you purchased Groupon, Living Social, or have any other valid discount coupon code, follow these directions:

Click the link the corresponds with the location you wish to redeem your vouchers at:
1.  Choose the date that you wish to attend on the “Reserve Tickets” calendar (Required)
2. Choose your arrival time from the “Available Times” menu, below the calendar.
3. Click “Find Tickets”
4. Choose the tickets and quantities that correspond with your deal
5. Click “Get Tickets”
6. Choose your Delivery Option
7. Under the section that says “Have a Coupon?” enter your voucher code.
8. Click “Apply Discount”
9. Finish checking out

Directions to NH Ice Castle off-site parking

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Directions to the Ice Castles remote parking lot:

The below google map shows you how to get to the remote parking lot.  You can click on the map or on you can click on this link and open a google map to get step by step directions.


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Thanks for your support folks, but the Midway, UT location is SOLD OUT this evening!

If you do not currently have tickets, you will not be able to gain admission.


We thank everyone who has come out to the Ice Castles this season here in Midway, we have had an enormous show of support from the community! However, we will not be able to sell any more standby tickets at the gate this evening (Saturday, January 24, 2015). So, if you do not currently have a ticket, you will not be able to attend this evening.

Remember, we will be open on Monday again, and we should know by then if we will be open any longer as well.

Afton Brimhall_Ice_Castle-5_web

Photo Credit: Afton Brimhall


UT opening Update!

This information pertains to Midway Ice Castle only:

To celebrate opening 4 Tickets to opening night are being given away on our Facebook page!

We wish we could have opened earlier….but…finally, our new light show (its AWESOME!), slides, canyons, and caves are ready to go!

Tickets this year are ONLY AVAILABLE online, click here. 

When you buy your tickets there are two important steps:
#1, the first choice is the date on which you plan to visit (this is also the name of the ticket).
#2, is to choose the time that you want to visit.
Entrance times start at 6:00pm.

This means that there are a limited number of tickets that will be sold on each day.  Tickets will not be sold at the entrance.  All tickets must be purchased online.

For those who already purchased tickets:  You can visit anytime that we are open.  Don’t wait.  This will not be a long season.  We are open on Friday Jan. 23 6pm-midnight, Saturday Jan. 24 6pm to midnight and then on Monday Jan 26 from 6pm – 9:30pm.  We will remain open longer if the weather allows, but don’t plan on it.  This warm weather is hard on ice.

Due to the warm weather, we are only releasing tickets as far in advance as we are confident that we will be open.  As of Tuesday January 20th we are selling tickets for only 3 days – this coming Friday, Saturday, and Monday.  We hope to be open longer than this, but at this point it is uncertain.  We will appreciate all prayers (including ours!) for cold weather.

Thank you.  If you want to come, please buy your tickets now.  We do not expect this to be a long season due to weather.

Photo by Afton Brimhall.

Thawing and Freezing Conditions = Slippery Conditions

One of the unique qualities of the Ice Castles is that it is entirely made of ice — all 30,000,000 pounds of it.  This includes well over an acre of ice towers, archways, and walking pathways.  We make the walking pathways as safe as we can by tilling up ice and snow with a high speed tiller.  In freezing conditions the outcome is a surface that is almost gravel-like.  In warm conditions the walking surface is more slush like.

When there are conditions in which the temperatures are well above freezing during the daytime and then well below freezing as soon as the sun goes down, the walking pathways will become very slippery.

These conditions will exist in Eden Prairie, Minnesota on January 17, 18, 19th — MLK Weekend.   The slippery conditions will likely be increased with large numbers of people.

The times when the Ice Castle walking pathways will be the most gravel-like and least slippery will generally be:

  1. When temperatures are below freezing during the day and below in the evening.
  2. When temperatures are above freezing during the day and above in the evening.

The times when the Ice Castle will be the most slippery is when the daytime is above freezing (i.e. warm) causing the snow and ice to melt and the evening is below freezing (cold), causing the wet surface to freeze.

Please understand that the Ice Castles are made up of ice and there will be slippery conditions from time to time.  We simply cannot build these structures and eliminate entirely slippery conditions.

If you would like to visit the Ice Castle and are concerned about your footing, please watch for a date when the temperatures are constantly above or below freezing.

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