22 02, 2014

Ice Princess in Breck Saturday February 22

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We will have an ice princess in Breckenridge Ice Castle on Saturday Feb. 22 from 2pm to 6pm!

We hope you can visit!

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25 01, 2014

Like in ‘Frozen': Ice castles lure tourists

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Article taken from the Associated Press, written by Holly Ramer:

Farming is tough during a New Hampshire winter — unless you’re growing icicles.

At the base of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, an ice castle not unlike the frosty palace in the Disney movie “Frozen” is rising from the ground, one icicle at a time. It’s one of three ice castles being built by the same company — the others are in Breckinridge, Colo., and Midway, Utah — this winter….

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21 01, 2014

UT Ice Castle – Open through February

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The Ice Castles will stay open as long as the winter stays cold.  We expect to be open through the month of February at all of our locations.

The wonderful photo below was taken by Cindy Nielson.

Cindy Nielson_Ice Castle

20 01, 2014

Buying Tickets – get in faster

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At peak times at the Ice Castle there is usually a line — at all of our locations.  When the line gets longer we will have employees go through the line to pick out those with prepaid tickets.  The place it makes the biggest difference is at our Utah Ice Castle, on the weekends.

So if you want to get in faster – buy your tickets online.  Click here to buy tickets.  Thanks!

Photo by Bryan Rowland – www.bryanrowland.com

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19 01, 2014

Monday, MLK Day

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Monday, MLK Day we will be open regular hours in CO and NH and UT.
If you are coming to UT and want to see the ice lit up at night we recommend coming after 8pm. The busiest time is from 5pm to 7pm so if you come to UT at that time there will be a longer wait to enter the Ice Castle. We won’t turn anyone away, and if we need to stay open in UT longer, we will do that.
Amazing photo below by Bryan Rowalnd – www.bryanrowland.com


14 01, 2014

What to know about an Ice Castle Visit

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Our UTAH location has been very busy on the weekends.  Guests who come on Saturday’s can expect to wait in line between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the crowds and the time of day.  Our busiest time is between 5pm and 7pm, and the wait will likely be longer at that time.  After 8pm, there is typically not a line nor as large of a crowd.

If you want an intimate experience at the Ice Castle in Midway, we recommend that you come on a weekday.  If you come on a weekend, plan on a little bit of a wait and some entertainment while you are in line.   If you visit one of our other locations on a weekend, the Ice Castle will be busier than it is on a weekday, but there is generally no longer than a 5 or 10 minute wait.

Midway Ice Castles-021

What to know about an Ice Castle Visit

The Ice Castle is made completely of Ice and Snow.  We don’t put anything in the water, we don’t have anything inside of the ice except for ice.  If the whole thing melted before your eyes and over 30,000,000 pounds of ice suddenly evaporated, all you would see is pac pipe (to delver water) and electrical lines and really expensive lights.

The same is true of the walking surface inside the Ice Castle.  It is made up entirely of ice and snow.  The way we create the walking surface is that we run a high speed tiller across the ground that churns up the snow and ice.  This works wonderfully on days below 35 degrees.  On warmer days when there is a lot of visitors present at the Ice Castle the walking surface will pack down and become slippery.  If you come on a day where the temperatures are over 35 degrees, you will need to watch your step.  We do everything we can to make the surface the best we can, but you need to understand that when you enter the Ice Castle, you enter a high alpine environment that is entirely made up of ice and snow and there will be slippery spots.   The photo above is shows a good indication of what the walking paths on a cold day at the Ice Castle will be like.

On warm days, the walking paths can become slippery or slushy.  For the best experience, either on a cold or warm day we recommend that all of our guests wear sturdy boots with good traction.

For your safety we have the following rules at the Ice Castle:

Please remember that by entering the Ice Castles, you agree to observe our rules:

– Stay on the walking paths.
– Do not climb anything!
– Do not run.
– Do not touch the hanging icicles
– Children MUST be accompanied by an adult. Adults with children are responsible to see that accompanying children obey the rules.
– No Pets or Food / Drink allowed inside.

We also require all of our guests to agree to the following waiver and release of liability upon entering the Ice Castle:

Upon entering the Ice Castle you will be walking upon snow and ice. Although we groom the walking paths daily, some areas may be slippery. You could slip and fall causing injury.  You must be careful and watch your step.  We simply cannot eliminate these risks without jeopardizing the quality of the experience.   Your entrance into the Ice Castle means you accept these risks and hereby release Ice Castles, LLC and all its affiliates from any liability that may arise from an injury to you.


14 01, 2014

Best Time to Visit

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Our UTAH location has been very busy on the weekends.  Guests who come on Saturday’s can expect to wait in line between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the crowds and the time of day.  Our busiest time is between 5pm and 7pm, and the wait will likely be longer at that time.  After 8pm, there is typically not a line nor as large of a crowd.

Our CO and NH locations have had steady visitors, but have not had the very large crowds that we are having in UT on the weekends.

We get a lot of requests for the best time to visit the Ice Castle.   Some people like it during the day.  We’ve had visitors from Europe who comment that walking through the Ice Castle is the closest thing to walking through a glacier that they have ever experienced, besides actually walking through a glacier.  These people are amazed at the beauty of ice made by very clean water.


Some people get really excited after seeing the Ice Castle at night.  There is nothing like seeing nearly 30,000,000 pounds of glowing translucent ice.  We’ve created tunnels and passageways through the ice that are only lit at night with light that emanates from within the ice.  It is an experience unlike any other.

So what do we recommend?  We recommend that you come during the day and get your hand stamped or get a wristband to return later that night and see the ice in both the light and the dark so you can decide for yourself what you like best!

Midway Ice Castles-024

26 12, 2013

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Hours

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The Ice Castle will be open on New Year’s Eve and on New Years Day.

Our hours on New Years Eve are as follows:
Breckenridge, CO: 2pm to 12:30am
Midway, UT:  2pm to 12:30am
Lincoln, NH: 2pm to 12:30am

On New Year’s Day we will resume regular operating hours which are as follows:

Breckenridge, CO: 2pm to 10pm
Midway, UT:  2pm to 9pm
Lincoln, NH: 2pm to 10pm


We hope to see you!


Photo from 2011 Midway Ice Castle by Brad Creeze via Flickr.

22 12, 2013

Ticket Pricing and Using Online Tickets

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Opening dates are set for Dec. 26 in Breckenridge and Dec. 27 in UT and NH, and each site opens at 6:00 PM on opening day.

If you bought a ticket through Amazon or Groupon or Living Social they have a opening date on the ticket of January 2nd.  The reason for this date is that we had to select the date long before we knew when we would open.  So you can disregard the opening date that is printed on the ticket.  You are welcome to use the digital tickets as soon as we open.  All that is required to use the digital tickets is to register them (to get the ticket into our software POS system) and then you are free to come on any day but the two blackout dates (President’s Day and Martin Luther King Day.)

There is a pricing discrepancy between the prices shown on our website and the commerce page.  We are working to update this and should have it resolved by Monday.


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22 12, 2013

View into the slot canyons

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Running water in our slot canyons, a new design for the ice castle.

DSC00108_slot canyons-red