Music video shot at the Ice Castles by Lindsey Stirling

This video was shot at the Ice Castles during the first week of February.  It was COLD!  Lindsey is an amazing musician.  We can vouch for the fact that she can play beautiful music in 5 degree snowy weather!
As of the date of this post, her video has well over 3,000,000 hits in 4 days and is listed as the top video in the daily most watched music category on Youtube, which is quite an accomplishment.   Enjoy!


9 Responses to Music video shot at the Ice Castles by Lindsey Stirling

  • Lindsey is an amazing musician and easily one of my favorites and your ice castles make an amazing set! I hope that I can get myself to Colorado sometime soon to take a look in person because they look incredible!

  • This is absolutely amazing!! Lindsey is so talented. I love her dubstep while playing the violin. Poetry in motion. The scene is spectacular in all respects. Keep doin’ it, Lindsey!



  • This was amazing. So beautiful. I think you should do more of this type of entertaining.

  • I have never heard of Lindsey Stirling until now and I can’t believe what I was missing! I want to let u know that u can add an new die hard fan to the list I’m hooked!

  • Amazing Video! Absolutely amazing!!!

  • Lindsey est un musicien extraordinaire

  • Wonderful music and such a beautiful place to play–I loved the “elfin”, “fairytale” quality! Can’t wait to see the castles in a few weeks–just HOPE the ice doesn’t melt too much!

  • Awesome!!!
    My husband found this and played it for me. It has become a favorite of ours.
    Keep it up.

  • Lindsey,
    Everything that I have had the extreme pleasure of tasting from you is nothing less than STELLAR. I just found you last night and I get the messages more than might think… Your intuition of combining all the senses in a common collective of art… Is going to change the world. Don’t ever stop working to push that envelope. Hear? Just show the shadows why your not afraid anymore. Tickle their noses with your bow and smile at the vibrations of the cats gut, as you dance through them; shine on you cray diamond.