Lindsey Stirling – Crystalize

One afternoon we were brainstorming on ideas for video at the Ice Castle in Silverthorne (2012). Brent had an idea to have his nephew over, so in a week or so they arrived to Colorado in absolutely FREEZING temperatures and shot a quick video at the Ice Castle…

Well, it turns out that that shortly after it was posted, the video became the most viral video globally for about a week. It finished the year as #9 on all of Youtube for 2012 and currently has over 80,000,000 hits.

If you are on our site, odds are that you are familiar with Lindsey Stirling’s “Crystalize” as filmed and produced by Devin Graham (aka devinsupertramp and lindseystomp). If not, you NEED to watch this video. And if you’ve already seen the amazing cinematography and heard Lindsey’s violyn do dubstep, it’s always worth another go!