Ice Sculptures in Breckenridge, Colorado


Ice Sculptures in Breckenridge, Colorado

vc4If you are thinking of a great vacation spot during the winter season in the US, there are several places that you can visit but there is only one that stands out right at this moment. It’s the “Ice Sculptures in Breckenridge Colorado”. Colorado is known for its mountains and during winter, you can see a lot of locals and tourists go for skiing and other snow fun-filled activities. Breckenridge has four beautiful mountain peaks that are great for skiing. It has about 2,300 acres of terrain that ski enthusiasts will definitely love.

If it is your first time to tour in Colorado, the first stop needs to be in Breckenridge. It is where you can see the beautiful Ice Castles and Ice Sculptures in Breckenridge Colorado. It may hard to imagine but they are really castles made with ice! The whole idea started out of a creative and dedicated dad named Brent who thought of a great idea to make fun in the cold weather. The whole idea merely started on his backyard.

At the moment, the Ice Castles and Ice Sculptures in Breckenridge is located at 150 West Adams Avenue. Don’t miss the chance to drop by on these amazing ice sculptures. The Ice Castles and ice sculptures in Breckenridge Colorado were built by hand and made from more than 20,000,000 pounds of ice with an elevation of more than 9600 feet. They are so huge and made with tunnels, caves, and other ice sculptures waiting to be explored. They have carved walking paths that will lead visitors on various glacial formations, maze-like tunnels, caverns, and archways. The Ice Castles and Ice Sculptures can be visited during daytime and night time.

vc5Breckenridge area always has celebrations or some kind of festival that welcomes visitors and tourists. If you are planning to go to Colorado, be sure to visit them in the month of January as most of the celebration is held on that month. They also have the International Snow Sculpture Championships held on the same month where you can see spectacular ice sculptures in Breckenridge Colorado.

There are also street and live performances or night parties, bonfire, and tons of ice sculptures presented with various concepts and designs. Fest Parade also happens on January. The second month of the year which is February offers a lot of celebrations as well just like  Fat Tuesday, Mardi Grass, Bacchus Ball, night long parties, and parade during the day.