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Charities and companies we fully support…and think you should too!

Here at the Ice Castles, we love winter and mountains. Some of us ski, some jog, and some take to the mountains and winter and hop on mountain bikes! If you haven't heard yet these bikes are awesome and Rocky Mountain is the company to buy from. Check out the video.

The foundation of any bicycle is its frame. These guys obsess over perfecting frame geometry and optimizing suspension to achieve the legendary ride quality that they are famous for. We highly recommend embracing winter and enjoying the ride!



The folks at Wintercraft like to have fun with ice just like we do.  Super cool looking sculptures and specialists in ice lanterns (you may even discover some in our Ice Castles!)

In fact, they’ve created a simple do-it-yourself kit to make stunning globe ice lanterns to add sparkle to your own ice palace.  Ice Castles is excited to offer a great deal by saving 20% onany order on their site with code icecastles20    Enjoy!



We give to EMI for a lot of reasons.  Two of them are because 100% of donations go to help the poor and because we believe that there is dignity and satisfaction that comes with working hard to make life better.   EMI provides that opportunity to the poorest among us.



We put everyone in Kahtoola’s microspikes.  They are an affordable and awesome product.

Our Ice Castle builders wear them for stability when walking across slippery areas to harvest ice.  You might find great uses and peace of mind in wearing their microspikes on icy mornings while walking the dog or in slippery parking lots.



At the Ice Castle, we use a lot of water.  Fortunately in the USA we have resources to use water to build things like Ice Castles.  We give to charity: water because there are many people in the world who don’t have access to clean water.   Charity: water gets clean and safe drinking water to people who need it.