Best Winter Activities in Breckenridge, Colorado



If you happen to be in Breckenridge,Colorado, the winter season is one of the best opportunities for the entire family to relax, enjoy, and have fun. Unlike what most people think of winter to be boring and dull, let’s prove them wrong by checking on some of the Best Winter Activities in Breckinridge, Colorado that will surely please.

Visit Ice Castles

For those people who haven’t visited Breckenridge, Colorado yet, the Ice Castles should be your first stop. It is located in the Main Street of Breckenridge and they are open from 2pm-10pm. What’s surprising about Ice Castles is that you will have a wonderful experience to walk through carved solid tunnels, towers, caverns, archways, and solid ice walls.

You will surely feel that you’re back in the ice age because of the spaces that were patterned with geologic formations. There are cave like caverns, slot canyons, vertical tunnels, and there are icicles almost everywhere. Whether you visit Ice Castles during the day or at night time, you will be delighted with magnificent views and lights inside the ice during the night.


There are so many winter resorts in Colorado and you may even start with your ski lessons. Your friends or family members who love the rush feeling of skiing along the slopes of the mountains of Colorado will definitely create a thrilling experience for every one.


Those who are up for a more challenging winter activity should try snowboarding. It’s a fun-filled activity that uses a snow-board. Are you into more thrilling and fascinating winter activity that you will surely enjoy? Try snowboarding right away!

Ice Skating

Kids definitely enjoy gliding in the snow with ice skating. Check out some of the ice skating parks in Colorado and let them enjoy the winter by ice skating.


If you are not fond of skiing, another way to enjoy the snow capped mountains and slopes are through snowmobiling. With it, all you have to do is ride and maneuver the vehicle.


Running is not only done during sunny season or spring, running can also be done even during the winter season. If you plan to do this activity, be sure to keep your body warm and comfortable.

Ice Hockey

This is another winter outdoor activity that most teenagers love. If you and your family are planning to go ice hockey, always wear protective gears and skates in order to prevent injuries.

Besides these activities, there are still so many things that you can do if you and your family want to enjoy the winter season. But be sure to check out the best winter activities in Breckenridge Colorado before you finally make your flight. And always remember your first stop- The Ice Castles!