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15 12, 2013

Ice Castle Design

December 15th, 2013|Updates|0 Comments|

2011-2012 Ice Castle_sm-3852

Last year we spent a lot of time speaking with and listening to our guests so that we could really understand what they liked best.  This year’s design for all of our Ice Castles will expanded the features that our guests enjoy the most.

What that means:

  1. More Tunnels.  This year there are a lot of tunnels of all kinds.  Tunnels will be  taller, wider, longer, tighter, and more amazing than in the past.  For the more adventurous, some of the tunnels will be cave-like, allowing guests to squeeze and slide through some fun spaces.
  2. More color changing lights, especially in the tunnels–imagine walking through a glacier at night and once inside the walls begin to glow and then radiate all the colors of the rainbow.
  3. Overall Design.  Each castle will have new ice formations that we’ve not created in the past.  Some resemble slot canyons, some resemble pathways carved by glacial rivers, and some do not resemble any type of ice feature normally found in nature so there really isn’t a comparison.
  4. Water and Fire.  We’ll leave this to be described better later…stay tuned!

We can’t wait to have you visit.

2 12, 2013

Groupon for the Ice Castle, Last Chance!

December 2nd, 2013|Updates|0 Comments|

Image Description Photo by Brent Todd of St. Paul Camera Club
Last Chance for Ice Castle Groupon:

Get it while it lasts!

29 11, 2013

Ice Castle Groupon Now Live!

November 29th, 2013|Updates|0 Comments|

Groupon for New Hampshire location, click here.

Groupon for Colorado location, click here.

Groupon for Utah location, click here.

Get it while it lasts!












Amazing photo taken by
Lori Safford Clapp

26 11, 2013

When will you open?

November 26th, 2013|Updates|0 Comments|

We are starting to get this question a lot!

The day that we can open depends on the weather over the next few weeks.   Our best guesses are below.  Remember that we may open a few days early or a few days later than the dates below.   The reason is that the weather may be a little warmer than normal or a little colder than normal.

Best estimates:

Breckenridge, Colorado:  We expect that we’ll be open Dec 26, 2013.   Breckenridge is COLD, COLD, COLD, and our Ice Castle is already 6′ tall.

Lincoln, NH:  The weather at Loon Mountain is turning colder and we are ready to start making ice any day now.  We expect that this location will open Dec 27th.  We may make it a day or two early, but it is too early to say.

Midway, UT: We expect to start making ice next week and open on Dec 27th.

And we will not be located in Minnesota this winter nor will we be in Steamboat.  Our only locations are the three locations mentioned above.

Please keep an eye on this website for current information!  Thank you.

Labyrinth_JosephSchufmanPhoto by Joseph Schufman

26 11, 2013

New Hampshire – First East Coast Ice Castle

November 26th, 2013|Updates|0 Comments|

Our first Ice Castle on the East Coast will debut in Lincoln, NH at Loon Mountain Ski Resort.   Cold weather is on its way to the East Coast and we are ready.  We expect to open at this location around New Years Day.   The day that we can open will depend on the weather over the next 4 to 6 weeks.  We will keep this website updated with current information on our progress.  We hope to see you there!

Here is a photo of ice towers from last year’s Ice Castle in Steamboat Springs.  The photo was taken by Stephonie Schmitz.

Pillar_Stephonie Schmitz-7F1A1300crop

26 11, 2013

Ice Castle Returning to Utah!

November 26th, 2013|Brent, Updates|0 Comments|

We are so excited to announce that this year the Ice Castle will return to Midway, Utah.  We hope to see you there!

Here is one of our favorite photos of Brent, taken at one of his first Ice Castles in Midway:

Francisco Kjolseth  |  The Salt Lake Tribune    Midway - Ice sculpture.

25 11, 2013

Brent, the Ice Castle Artist

November 25th, 2013|Brent|Comments Off|

The picture below is of Brent Christensen.  He is the Ice Castle creator, artist, and genius behind the experience of the Ice Castles.

You’ll notice that Brent is wearing a helmet and warm, water proof gloves.  The reason for the helmets, gloves, and waterproof clothing is that all of our Ice Castles are crafted by hand, literally one icicle at a time.

And if you want to know more about just how we build these Ice Castles, click here.

Day - Engineer - 2012-12 MOA - Brian BensonPhoto taken by Brian Benson.

25 11, 2013

Favorite Photos – Santa Claus

November 25th, 2013|Photos|Comments Off|

We absolutely love this photo taken by Lori Stafford Clapp.  She took this in Silverthorne in 2012.


24 11, 2013

The Ice and the Moon

November 24th, 2013|Photos|Comments Off|

Here is a favorite photo taken at last year’s ice castle in Minnesota.  The artist is Doug Nelson.  Amazing photo, isn’t it?

MOA Ice Castle 4 with Full Moon

2 11, 2013

Buy Tickets Soon

November 2nd, 2013|Updates|0 Comments|

We are excited for the 2013/2014 Winter season. Our sculptors are getting into action and we are looking to start selling tickets soon for a location near you. More details to come soon.