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Winter is coming quickly!  We will soon be ready to present four Ice Castle’s with exciting new and unique designs.

The locations that we are ready to announce are:

Midway, UT

Eden Prairie, MN

New Hampshire

We will have two more ready to announce by early November.  Tickets will go on sale in mid November.

Stay tuned for more information on opening dates, hours, and more.  We’ll update this website regularly and will post info to Facebook and Instagram.






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Day - Engineer - 2012-12 MOA - Brian Benson

Do you want to build…an Ice Castle?

We are hiring for all positions at the Ice Castle!   Keep reading for more info.

One of the most unique and amazing facts about the Ice Castle is that it is literally built by hand.  We grow more than 5,000 icicles each day that we harvest and sculpt together.  This means that we need a lot of hard working and talented people to help with the endeavor.  If your up for an adventure and would like to build something amazing this winter, send us your information through our contact form and we’ll send you more info.

We are also looking for help with our event staff.  Fill out the contact form for information about that as well.


- Midway, UT
– Eden Prairie, MN
– New Hampshire
– Vermont (more info coming soon)

The rest of the story on how our Ice Castles are built is the icicles mentioned above are placed then drenched in freezing water.  The blend of icicle placement, changing temperatures, water volume, and wind result in an astonishing variety of ice formations.  And so all of the beauty you see at the ice castle is a unique blend of our hand-placed icicles and mother nature’s miracles.

We repeat this process once or twice a day, depending on temperatures. and after several weeks of growth we’ll  create very large towers, tunnels, archways, caves, caverns, and safe pathways for pedestrian exploration.  Continued development of the structures throughout the winter results in an evolving ice masterpiece.

It all started in Brent’s backyard.

In order to understand the ice castle, there are a couple things you need to know about Brent, the creator of the Ice Castle.  You need to know that Brent is an artistic genius and an amazing, dedicated dad.  The combination of these delightful traits mixed with moving his family from California to Utah combined with a dash of stir-crazy cabin fever were the ingredients that made up the the beginnings of the ice castles.

When Brent moved his young family from California to Utah they wanted to do something exciting in the new found cold weather.  So of course, like any dedicated father, Brent went to work on an ice rink in the back yard….but not just any old ice rink.  This first-time ice rink came complete with a 20′ slide, an ice cave, and a castle like tower reaching 20′ into Utah’s rocky mountain sky.  His children affectionately called it the “Ice Castle.”

Although the first ice castle was a winter hit–it was springtime disaster waiting to happen.  You see, Brent built the frame of the slide, tower and cave out of wood and made the ice by sprinkling the wood scaffolding with water.  After cleaning up the splintered remains of that first winter, he spent the summer thinking that there had to be a way to create Ice Castles by just using ice.  By the time cooler temperatures again arrived he was outside working through a method, that he later patented, to create ice towers, tunnels, and archways by using icicles as the base scaffolding on which to spray water.  “Ice just works a lot better,” he is fond of saying.

Francisco Kjolseth  |  The Salt Lake Tribune     Midway - Ice sculpture.

Amazing things happen here…Music filmed at the Ice Castle

What started out as quick brainstorming session about getting some video at the Ice Castle turned into one of Youtube’s most popular videos of 2012.  2014 may turn out the same with Alex Boye’s cover of Let it Go from the movie Frozen.

In the slider below you can see the three music videos shot at the Ice Castle.  In February 2014 the Piano Guys performed a the blend of Vivaldi’s winter and “Let it Go” from Disney’s movie Frozen.  A couple of weeks later Alex Boye with help from Lexi Walker produced a cover of “Let it Go.”  This video sat as the most viral video on Youtube for over a week!  Lindsey Stirling’s “Crystalize” as filmed and produced by Devin Graham (aka devinsupertramp and lindseystomp) finished #9 on all of Youtube in 2012.  Turns out the Ice Castle is a pretty good spot to film a music video!


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